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Our law and notary firm KEHRBERGER RECHTSANWÄLTE was established in Hamburg in 1967 and later moved to Kronberg im Taunus, close to the business centers of Frankfurt and its international airport. A special focus of our legal activities and those of our international partners comprises all areas of aviation and related (multi-modal) transportation, including tourism. Sky and ski: We also deal a lot with the laws of sports.

We are not confined to matters of aviation law but there we dispose of special expertise regarding, but not limited to, start-up airlines, licensing, traffic rights, air space control, forming alliances, damage compensation, accident law, violations etc.

Naturally we also cover the main areas of German law: civil, criminal, labour, commercial, administrative, international (private and public) and EU laws.

Close cooperation with our international partner law firms (in Austria, Benelux, Italy, Canada, Croatia, Near and Far East, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the US) enables us to administer international mandate requests from outside Germany.

The renaissance of worldwide aviation in the CIS and other states formerly disconnected from the international community and cooperation was a new challenge for us. Purchase and leases of modern Russian aircraft by western airlines and/or joint ventures so far failed. We are prepared to work at both ends to make East and West cooperations attractive. An old remedy to introduce new aircraft is to find a launch carrier. We have clients interested in Russian aircraft if certain alterations of their high level technology and marketing strategies take place such as engine optimisations (re maintenance intervals, fuel consumption etc.) or efficient product support and financing promotions.

As we have always shared the pioneering spirit and enthusiasm in all fields of law and in particular with emerging airlines we gladly offer assististance in all respects including potential disputes with aviation authorities. We continue to offer these services, in a line with our guiding principle: conscientious advice to, and representation of, clients seeking help, regardless of origin and standing. Our commitment is to deliver quality rather than quantity.

Advice, correspondence and notarisations are provided in English, French, Russian, and Spanish.


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